Entry #10 – Best Man Speech 5-20-17

Webster’s dictionary defines “Wedding” as the fusing of two metals with a hot torch…Oh wait, I knew that didn’t sound right! (The Office (2007)) Seriously though, we are here today on a special day for Zac and Sara…as a day of celebration! …To celebrate the special love that Sara and Zac share. It is a … Continue reading Entry #10 – Best Man Speech 5-20-17

Entry #8

From Monday February 6, 2012: What is the purpose of winning?  It is a moment in time of self-accomplishment, team display of affection, the kind of tool that brings an emotion to the surface that is generally hidden behind many obstacles to emotion.  There seems to be a short-term aspect to winning that is replaced … Continue reading Entry #8

Entry #7

From Sunday February 5, 2012: Sometimes in life we make challenges for ourselves, and there are times when these challenges seem unachievable.  But the lesson to be learned is that part of the challenge is perseverance. There are no easy roads in life…this I have discovered through many observations and experiences.  Sometimes we endeavor on … Continue reading Entry #7

Entry #6

From Monday January 30, 2012: What is wisdom?  Oftentimes, in life, it is said that we receive a word from “the wise”.  What does this mean?  Is being wise a measurement of experience…maturity…knowledge…growth…?  What can possibly be the measuring stick for evaluating this term? Wisdom can mean many things.  Among these many meanings (to me) … Continue reading Entry #6

Entry #5

From Sunday January 22, 2012: I went to mass and dinner with my parents and grandparents tonight.  The personalities and conflicts that my family shares are uncanny.  Regardless of the past, I have a good time when spending times with these people. However, I avoid certain contact for purpose of maintaining past memories and happy … Continue reading Entry #5