Poetry – “Feelings”

A mind full of wonder, Actions of blunder Better through changing, Life rearranging Creative and yearning, ┬áMindless discerning Determined for the better, Inextricable as ever Expressing great purpose, Overwhelmed and nervous Floundering lightly, Anxious though nightly Gallantly directed, But never as expected Healing from mistakes, Regrets and high stakes Imagining results, But dwelling on insults … Continue reading Poetry – “Feelings”

Poetry – “Painful Solitude”

The mind is a mystery, obscure in nature, Endless perceptions, outspoken and censored   Eyes fastened tightly, visions deceiving, Ignoring the warnings, false hopes and dreaming   Appeasing so many, empty emotions, Expressionless living, is simply atrocious   Faults and failures, excessive regression, Lingering obstacles, avoiding temptations   Baseless and timid, obsessive superstition, Originating connections, … Continue reading Poetry – “Painful Solitude”

Poetry – “Alphabet Expression”

Adorable minds, through time and space Beings disguised, and many disgraced Caught up in lies, pretending to care Distracted confusion, Elements of despair Fearful hope, without much intent Gears all extending, Healing hearts lament Innocence is lost, with effortless admission Juggernauts of destruction Kinetic dreaming and devotion Lines being crossed, without much movement Millions in … Continue reading Poetry – “Alphabet Expression”