Entry #10 – Best Man Speech 5-20-17

Webster’s dictionary defines “Wedding” as the fusing of two metals with a hot torch…Oh wait, I knew that didn’t sound right! (The Office (2007)) Seriously though, we are here today on a special day for Zac and Sara…as a day of celebration! …To celebrate the special love that Sara and Zac share. It is a … Continue reading Entry #10 – Best Man Speech 5-20-17

Poetry – “Painful Solitude”

The mind is a mystery, obscure in nature, Endless perceptions, outspoken and censored   Eyes fastened tightly, visions deceiving, Ignoring the warnings, false hopes and dreaming   Appeasing so many, empty emotions, Expressionless living, is simply atrocious   Faults and failures, excessive regression, Lingering obstacles, avoiding temptations   Baseless and timid, obsessive superstition, Originating connections, … Continue reading Poetry – “Painful Solitude”

The Smashing Pumpkins (1993) – Today


Entry #9

From Sunday March 4, 2012: There is a fine line between comfort and confidence. The outcome is illustrated through an individual’s self-perception. Feelings, behavioral traits, and emotions deliver one or the other when handling social interaction.  So what’s the difference? Can one be more powerful than the other?  Yes. Someone’s comfort zone is what he/she … Continue reading Entry #9

Entry #8

From Monday February 6, 2012: What is the purpose of winning?  It is a moment in time of self-accomplishment, team display of affection, the kind of tool that brings an emotion to the surface that is generally hidden behind many obstacles to emotion.  There seems to be a short-term aspect to winning that is replaced … Continue reading Entry #8