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Entry #10 – Best Man Speech 5-20-17

Webster’s dictionary defines “Wedding” as the fusing of two metals with a hot torch…Oh wait, I knew that didn’t sound right! (The Office (2007))

Seriously though, we are here today on a special day for Zac and Sara…as a day of celebration!

…To celebrate the special love that Sara and Zac share.

It is a love based on giving and receiving,

…as well as having and sharing.

And the love that they give, and have…

…is shared and received.

And through this having and giving…

…And sharing and receiving…

…We too can share, and love…

…And have

…and receive. (Friends (2001))

For those of you not familiar with our personality styles, Zac and I are quite different.

As Zac’s big brother, I’ve known him his entire life.  Oftentimes it’s the younger sibling who feels obligated to live up to the older brother, but with us I feel it’s the other way around. 

I tend to be overly analytical, just a little more “reserved” and I tend to have a dry sense of humor…And I over-think situations a bit more.

On the other hand, Zac has always been carefree, more sensitive and, at times, easily distracted.

But that’s what’s good about him, and makes him our Zac, my brother.

At the same time, our opposite personalities have helped us become good buddies through the years. 

Movie trivia has, and will continue to define our brotherhood.

You have no idea how difficult life can be when quoting a movie line, and someone cannot name the movie. 

Zac, on the other hand has almost mastered the challenges I have thrown at him when it comes to movie trivia.

For example: “­­­What’s the matter, Col. Sandurz, Chicken?” (In case you were wondering, he did answer correctly!)


But our brotherhood is more than personalities and movie quotes.  It’s a unique bond that only he and I can understand, and appreciate.  The following is a good revelation of that. (Poem “What is a Brother?”)

A brother is a gift,
A gift received from God.
You know how each other feels,
With just a smile or a nod.

A brother is a friend,
One that you did not choose.
He’ll tell you like it is,
And never wants to see you lose.

At times he makes you laugh,
At times he makes you cry.
He’ll ask you the tough questions,
And is not happy until he knows why.

We may not always see eye to eye,
But that’s what siblings do.
I just can’t imagine,
Growing up without you.

Admirable, good-natured, devoted, valiant,
Just barely describes your worth.
You can never be replaced,
By anything on this earth.

And Sara…

I can call you sister “in-law”, or my brother’s wife…Either way it doesn’t matter, You’re a special person in my life…Happy Birthday!  Ok, so that was from a Hallmark Card.

But seriously, Sara, I’m so happy to see the smile you bring to Zac’s face, the uncanny similarities you share with him and the missing element you bring to our family.

And, finally…

Life will always bring you both many challenges, ups and downs and special moments.  Most couples spend a majority of their time talking logistics: who’s doing the grocery shopping, who’s calling the repairman, who’s picking up the kids?  A relationship cannot survive on logistics alone.  Have a water fight instead.  And don’t forget to laugh!

God bless you both!

  • Dedicated to my brother & my new sister (5-20-2017)

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