Entry #6

From Monday January 30, 2012:

What is wisdom?  Oftentimes, in life, it is said that we receive a word from “the wise”.  What does this mean?  Is being wise a measurement of experience…maturity…knowledge…growth…?  What can possibly be the measuring stick for evaluating this term?

Wisdom can mean many things.  Among these many meanings (to me) is experience.  If a person is considered to be wise, I think of someone who has gained experiences unique in nature and substance.  With each experience a person absorbs, he/she becomes even wiser in their character.  But is experience the sole entity of wisdom? No!

I also believe that a person must gain or lose something from a specific experience.  Whether that is learning a lesson (positive or negative), or discovering purpose (this shall be discussed later), something must be learned.  There needs to be a significant observation and/or lesson behind an experience.

As we mature, we encounter many different experiences.  This is true, but do we grow as people (mentally, spiritually, socially…)?  Going back to my previous statement…we cannot gain wisdom without learning something from our experiences.  In the same respect, we cannot, and do not, grow or mature without learning from our experiences as well.  Lessons in life are what build character, emotions, subconscious, and develop approaches to social situations.  Wisdom is all of these things.

It is not a positive, or negative, experience that gives person wisdom, but a unique experience.  The people we surround ourselves with can dictate our experiences in a vast assortment of quality and quantity.  Through different experiences, we grow and mature as unique individuals; therefore, creating a plethora of possibilities for younger generations to gain (or lose) from our experiences.

Wisdom of the mind, the body, and spirit can be gained from books, people, observations, feelings, sensations, senses, stories, drawings, paintings, etc.  What we know and how we maintain that knowledge will dictate the flow of insightful experiences to come.  Therefore, we must be conscious of our expanding growth, and never feel the urge to settle on maturity.  There is never a peak to wisdom, but a forever-present reciprocating feature in the never-ending tree of knowledge.

Does wisdom come naturally, or does it need to be sought?  Think about it…

Goodbye for tonight…

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