Poetry – “Time must continue…But why?”

Time is a factor, you just can’t change;

I’ll get a little older, it feels kind of strange.

With time on my side, the older I’ll be;

Come along for the ride, come along you’ll see.

When the older you get, your life may just change;

Your surroundings expand, it all feels quite strange.

With change among all, need not to worry;

You may feel rushed, try not to hurry.

Try to remember, those you have loved;

The memories are great, look from above.

The memories you shared, will always remain;

The days will continue, but it’s never the same.

The times of the past, I’ll always remember;

They all went so fast, but it only gets better.

New friends to make, and new stories to share;

Do not forget your past friends, treat them with care.

But how can I forget, these great friends of mine;

The reunion is coming soon, just give it some time.

  • Written by Drew Felton (1999)

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