Poetry – “This Place I Called Home”

It’s time for a break, I am quite ready;

Living, not laughing, a life of pretending.

Away from this town, seek a new venue;

Ignoring my past, emotional breakthrough.

Is there a reason, I’m feeling so distant;

Obeying my instincts, so I don’t miss this.

What are my options, I wish it was clear;

Imagine my future, if I stay here?

Onward and upward, the saying is said;

Open and honest, remembering when.

Life was so simple, when did it all change;

Taking our lives, to the next stage.

But finding myself, is the first step;

Living, not dying, great vision I’ve kept.

Feelings have shifted, wondering why;

The roads I have traveled, and things I have tried.

What is my purpose, where is my glory;

Under this madness, I pray for a story.

On to the challenge, taking the journey;

Will I succeed, avoiding all worries?

-Written by Drew Felton (2000)

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