Entry #4

From Sunday January 29, 2012:

So what is creativity?  Is it the art of exploring the depths of one’s mind, and introducing something new and interesting?  Is it taking what someone has experienced, and introducing it through a different method?  Or is it something designed to challenge our uniqueness and individuality in life?

Whatever the case may be, I have always lacked the creative level I have always wanted to maintain.  For me, being creative means being unique, and exploring past experiences through remembering, and drawing content and substance from those experiences.  It’s the emotional baggage we carry to the point of drawing a picture, writing a story, or vocally expressing feelings.  Being creative to one, may not the same to another.  It’s an individual experience, maintained through expression and feeling.

Creative experiences are unique, in that, they draw from the person, not the situation.  Perception, feeling, and the like, are what make us unique, and draw a line from one experience to the next.  How we handle our experiences can carry them to different levels, and evolve through different phases of change.  There are many different ways in which a person can handle emotions, and his/her creative nature is in control throughout.  Therefore, through our experiences, interactions and lifestyles our creative nature grows (or declines) to the point of a unique existence and pattern.

As a reflective perspective, when do these experiences become concrete?  What are some methods for capturing the meaning behind these interactions and relationships?

Goodbye for tonight…

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