Poetry – “Life”

A word with great meaning, it’s yours for the taking;

it’s empty at first, many years in the making.

So bare and so humble, innocent and sweet;

it grows and expands, come join the elite.

Time though continues, confusing it may seem;

it’s good and it’s bad, which side will it lean?

By level it leaps, many changes it explores;

it happens to others’, not only to yours.

On by it continues, to fly and to travel;

the change that’s occurring, things start to unravel.

Deal with it you must, day after day;

sometimes it’s tough, but don’t run away.

Though not all of the time, it brings you great trouble;

to the fullest you make this, you’ll be keen and humble.

When time grabs this being, and wrinkles it through;

full of knowledge and wise, it soon will be you.

  • Written by Drew Felton (2000)

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