Entry #2

From Tuesday January 17, 2012:

When we write, we express our views on the issues we are have learned.  My favorite topics of research are WW2, Vietnam War, and the JFK conspiracy theories. What do I, as a writer, need to possess in order for the reader to understand the lesson I am relaying to them through my writing?  According to an article I read on The Script Lab, character is important, as I have mentioned in earlier discussions, and the moment a character is introduced makes or breaks that character.  Emotion, speech, body language, etc…these are only some of the elements that can help the audience understand the character’s situation and challenge(s) ahead, or behind.

As a character, I am timid…shy…anal retentive…I can also be very thoughtful, helpful, kind, and friendly.  If I were to introduce myself in a story, it would probably go as follows…

The carpeted stairs made a rustling sound as each foot brushed against the fabric.  Step after step, one at time, Drew walked up the stairs in his sneakers, noticing the woodwork of the railing along the way and the antique pictures along the wall. His mind was wandering, and the distractions of the photos brought memories he didn’t know he still had.  As he scratched the tip of his head, a great vision came to mind, provoking a weak aspect to his life, that he drifted into a tangent of daydream…

I would use this introduction as a drawing point to a story, and break out into dialogue…perhaps, as a child when Drew was young, his mom gave him orders to avoid something…sitting too close to the television perhaps?

What have I told you about sitting so close to the TV?
You’re going to mess up your eyes!

Sorry mom…

It’s not that I am trying to make up more rules, but I actually care
about you. I don’t want to see you have to get glasses.


What are the reasons for reflecting upon past thoughts?  Sometimes it can be a way to explore patterns of behavior.  That’s just my thought, however, since I don’t always know the reason to many things.  It sounds right though, doesn’t it?

I was thinking today, almost reflecting, about how I go through phases…likes, dislikes, interests, etc.  I think it would be interesting to just observe other people sometime, and study behavior tendencies, and then compare them.  Therefore, I’ll see if any of the people reading this post go through the same thing.

Based upon my past journal entry, could you identify yourself in the 3rd person, accurately according to your peers?  I still don’t know if I have captured my own perspective of myself.  Based on what I’ve read, we are our true self when we are alone.  I’d be interested to hear what you have to say.

Goodbye for tonight…

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