Poetry – “Music in Memory”

 Music is great, it portrays sweet sound;

When driving my car, a good song is found.

There are many different types, you make your own rules;

Through alternative and rap, and jazz and blues.

Country is another, disputed by many;

There are many good songs, I can name plenty.

The Beatles were best, no doubt by far;

John, Paul, and George, on the drums Ringo Starr.

Then there are classics, like Art and Paul;

Garfunkel and Simon, I treasure them all.

Freebird by Skynard, is great to have around;

Jim Croce wrote classics, Bad boy, Leroy Brown.

You have your family groups, like the Jackson Five;

The Bee-Gees wrote many, like Stayin’ Alive.

Remember Woodstock, so pure in heart;

Great bands once played, some got their first start.

Acknowledge the seventies, you won’t want to miss;

Great bands once played, Led Zeppelin and Kiss.

Jimmy Hendrix once played, the electric guitar;

But now it is Kravitz, who is the big star.

U2 and Journey, Chicago and Boston;

Mellancamp and Dylan, they’re totally awesome.

Madonna and Pink, different distinctions;

The Bangles and Go-Go’s, women’s liberation.

Nirvana and Pearl Jam, the nineties were flyin’;

Sound Garden and Chili Peppers, there’s just no denying.

Puffy and Biggy, they kept up the base;

they bumped and they grinded, not forgetting Mace.

Snoop Dogg and Tupac, along with Dr. Dre;

the East-West conflict, we’ll wish it all away.

Then there’s the Pumpkins, Korn, and Limp Bizkit;

If they’re all in a concert, man, don’t miss it.

And so the stars’ music, will live on and shine;

more music to hear, as time passes by.

-Written by Drew Felton (1999)

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