Poetry – “A Helping Hand”

Take and not break, this hand that I lend;

Great power and glory, thy honor defend.

A place of misfortune is under my feet;

My head held high, my image depletes.

Sinking below life’s glorious road;

One foot, then one foot, sinking below.

Give me the message, the tale of all tales;

Questions and actions, on taking one fails.

But even all evil can never be severed;

It’s in us and all, and when we endeavor.

Peace be be with your life, and all through the world;

That the light always shines, as brightly as all pearls.

Let all be so, as life travels by;

Take a deep breath, and watch the world cry.

Just for one moment, I see the world smile;

All of the pain, and all the denial.

The killing and war, and scars never heal;

Humans they offer, the children they steal.

So take this hand, as a friend, not a foe;

Down life’s great roadway, our journey shall go.

-Written by Drew Felton (4-25-2000)

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